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N&SD Event Massage Services
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1. Short Upper Body Chair Massages (Neck, Shoulders, & Back)
2. Mini-Hand Massages (May be combined with Chair Massages at client’s request)
3. Foot Massages (Reflexology)
4. Sports Table Massages

All massages are done while attendees remain fully clothed. No oils or lotions are used, except non-allergenic lotions
may be used for “Mini-Hand” Massages when requested by client. Massage therapists may hand out client supplied
literature and/or giveaway items to attendees receiving massages at clients’ request. Therapist may also wear client’s
supplied logo shirts when requested.


1. Exhibit Booths – Idea Traffic Draw! Attendees will stand in line up to 30 minutes or             longer to receive free massages, giving exhibitors the time to get their message out or       to present their products.
2. Hospitality Suites or Lounges! Massage is ideal to relax and recharge VIP clients.
3. Exhibitor Lounges! Exhibitors normally put in long hours. Help them relax and recharge.
4. Sponsorship Items’ List! A Massage Relaxation Station is great exposure for the sponsor.
5. Rest Stops! Sponsored Rest Stops with massage in the Exhibit Hall and/or Concourse.
6. Registration Area! Massage in the registration area helps with the stress and tension           created from travel as well as long lines.
7. Meetings/Seminars! Massages in the back of room during meeting/seminars, attendees        can quietly rotate to get quick 5 minute recharging massage.


1. Licensed Massage Therapists dressed in white polo shirts and tan pants.
    (Client has option to supply therapists with different shirts or attire with client’s                 company logos. Shirts must be short sleeve tee or polo style shirts - no sleeveless or         oxford style shirts. Therapists may also wear black pants at clients’ request.)
2. Matching professional massage chairs, disposable face cradle covers, disinfectant wipes,     hand sanitizer; small clocks, small wastebaskets, small table (18”X18”) for massage           supplies. (Available at no additional cost when requested: CD players with soothing             music, sign-in sheets with clipboard and pens.Sports Massage Tables require                     more space.

N&SD INCENTIVE RATES: Services must be ordered and contract received at least 7 days prior to start of event. An additional $5 will be added to the average hourly rate for all orders received less than 7 days prior to start of event.  Cancellation required 2 days prior to event to avoid a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellation of services within 24 hours of the event's start will be subject to payment in full.

Massage Rates are based on the total number of hours per event for massage therapist. All prices are subject to service charges. The minimum session hours per day a massage therapist may work is indicated in the chart below.

If more or less hours are required per show than noted in the chart below, the cost may be calculated by using the Average Hourly Rate for the number of hours needed.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or additional needs.


Hours Per Event

*15 minute = 5 Clients
*20 Minutes = 3 Clients

Prices Per Event

Average Hourly Rate

Minimum Session  Hours Per Day

1 Hour (min) $120 $120 1-Hour Daily Minimum
2 Hours $220 $110 1-Hour Daily Minimum
3 Hours $300 $100 1-Hour Daily Minimum
4 Hours $360 $90 2-Hour Daily Minimum

Add $5 per hour per Foot Massages (Reflexology) or Sports Table Massage

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